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Feel The Power of Osaka’s Sumiyossan

posted on 2018.02.07

On New Years Day here in Japan it is traditional to go to a shrine and pray to the gods for good luck in the next year. This tradition is called Hatsumode and Osaka’s Sumiyossan is within the top 10 most popular shrines to go to nationwide! More than 2 million people come for Hatsumode!

Officially named Sumiyoshi Taisha, the shrine is a 10 minute train ride from Namba Station making it quite easy to get to from HOTEL THE FLAG.

Of course, it is a wonderful place to go to pray to the gods but there’s also a few more things you can enjoy here!

One of the first things you will find when you enter the hotel is this beautiful red bridge named Taiko Bashi. The bridge and its reflection in the water connect into a full circle which locals say looks similar to a Japanese drum (Taiko) which is where the name comes from.

①『The Rabbit God』

Sumiyoshi Taisha was founded on they day of the rabbit in April, the month of the rabbit, in the year 211, the year of the rabbit. Because of this it is believed the rabbit god resides within the shrine.

Good health is said to be brought to those who pet the rabbits head.

②『Go Dai Riki – The Great Five Powers』

In a certain area of the shrine you can find stones with three characters written on them:
「五」Five (Go)
「大」Great (Dai)
「力」Power (Riki)

If you can find one of each stone and keep it on your person, it is said that your wish will come true. After the wish comes true, it is traditional to return the stones to the shrine and also add one more stone of each type that you have written. (The shrine sells charm bags that you can keep your stones in)

③『Omokaru Stones』

First make a traditional Japanese prayer by bowing twice, clapping your hands twice and bowing once more. Then you can pick up the heavy stone. Take notice of the weight! Next, put your hands on the stone and make a wish. If the stone feels lighter than before when you pick it up after this, then your wish will come true!

④『Issun Boshi』

In Japan there is a famous fairy tale of a man named Issun Boshi. The story goes that an old couple prayed to the gods of Sumiyoshi for a child but the child they recieved, Issun Boshi, was only 3 cm tall. However, the boy was a good boy and one day he said he wanted to go to the capital and become a warrior. He used a rice bowl as a boat and chopsticks as paddles and arrived at the capital. Various things happened, he became a great warrior and at the end of the story somehow grew to about 182 cm.

At Sumiyoshi Taisha, you can climb into Issun Boshi’s bowl boat and take fun pictures!

When you come stay with us at HOTEL THE FLAG, we recommend taking a trip to Sumiyoshi Taisha and soaking in the good luck of the gods.


〒558-0045 2-9-89, Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, Japan

Access:From Namba Station take the Nankai Honsen to Sumiyoshi Taisha Station. Walk about 3 minutes to the East and you will find it.

Entrance Fee:無料

  • 6:00 AM (April-September)
  • 6:30 AM (October-March)
    ※Every 1st of the month and 1st Day of The Dragon 6:00 AM
  • Inner Gate 4:00 PM
  • Main Gate 5:00 PM



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