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The Start of Urasenke, The Way of Tea

posted on 2020.03.19

Experience The Japanese Way of Tea at HOTEL THE FLAG

HOTEL THE FLAG Shinsaibashi is not your average hotel. Not only are we devoted to delivering the best Japanese hospitality to our guests from around the world, we want to help our guests to experience pieces of Japanese culture that might be more difficult to find. And so, we are offering a regularly occurring Tea Ceremony event! We are certain our guests will walk out of our hotel with a smile on their face, thinking, ‘I’m glad I came here.’

Experience the authentic Urasenke Way of Tea

Recently, more places have started offering Tea Ceremony experiences to guests from overseas. However, unfortunately most of these places are not offering authentic experiences. They simply put out some tea and Japanese sweets. We are not going to do that here at HOTEL THE FLAG.

In our hotel library space, we have prepared all that is needed to experience the depth of the real Japanese way of tea: The authentic hanging scroll, Japanese flower, Japanese tea cups. Our instructors are excited to teach you the meaning of each carefully chosen piece of the Urasenke way of tea. Please know that this ceremony is English only.


The Urasenke Way of Tea will be held on the following dates:

January 24th (Fri) Fin.
February 21st (Fri) Fin.

2019 Fin.
January 5th (Sat)
January 6th (Sun)
February 15th (Fri)
February 17th (Sun)
March 21st (Thu)
March 22nd (Fri)
April 19th (Fri)
April 21st (Sun)
May 17th (Fri)
May 19th (Sun)
June 21st (Fri)
June 23rd (Sun)
July 14th (Sun)
July 15th (Mon)
August 16th (Fri)
September 20th (Fri)
October 25th (Fri)
November 22nd (Fri)
December 20th (Fri)

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