Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Higashi Shinsaibashi 1-18-30
TEL 06-6121-8111

From Shinsaibashi Station

For those coming from Shinsaibashi station.
Osaka Metro Midosuji line and Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi line's stations are connected.

Recommended route for those with luggage

  1. Take exit 2 for Crysta Nagahori.
  2. Continue straight for about 100m and you will find the waterfall plaza. Take the escalator on the right (Exit South 10).
    • ★There is also an elevator to the right of the escalator (Exit South 11)
  3. Continue straight into Shinsaibashi Shopping Street (Uniqlo should be on your left)
  4. You will find two drug stores, Tsuruha Drug and Daikoku Drug. There is a road between these two drug stores. Please turn left here.
  5. Continue 150m straight on this road and you will find HOTEL THE FLAG on your right.
    • ★Please be aware that our recommended route may not neccesary be the best route for all days and times.

If you are coming from the South North exit or South South exit.

  1. Take exit 4-A to the ground level.
    • ★There is also an elevator available at this exit
  2. Walk with Daimaru on your right and turn right at the Tiffany store.
  3. After continuing 200m you will find HOTEL THE FLAG on your right.
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