Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Higashi Shinsaibashi 1-18-30
TEL 06-6121-8111

From Kansai International Airport

If you are coming from Kansai International Airport.

Recommended Route for those with luggage:

  1. Ride the Nankai Express Rapi:t to the last station, Nankai Namba station (Please ride one of the front train cars).
  2. Exit from the North Exit and take the first escalator on the left to the ground level.
  3. Follow the signs reading "North Exit, Bus, Taxi, Midosuji, Shinsaibashi-suji, Dotonbori"
  4. You will find a taxi stand outside the North Exit.
  5. Ride a taxi to "Higashi-Shinsaibashi 1-18-30".
    • ★The taxi ride will cost around 680JPY and take about 10 minutes. Taxi fee and time may vary depending on company, traffic situations, and time of day.
    • ★Our recommended route is not neccesary recommended for all times of day.
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By train or On foot

  1. Ride the Nankai Express Rapi:t to Nankai Tengachaya station (Please ride one of the rear train cars).
  2. Follow the signs reading "Osaka Metro, Sakaisuji line" and head to the second floor. Please use the later entrance.
  3. Continue straight and use the escalator to reach the ground level. Ride the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line (heading from Tengachaya station to Tenshinbashi-suji Roku-chome). Please ride one of the front train cars.
  4. Get off the train at the 4th station, Nagahoribashi station.
  5. Please see "From Nagahoribashi station" for directions on foot to HOTEL THE FLAG
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Coming by taxi

  1. Head to the taxi stand outside Terminal 1 International Arrivals lobby or the Terminal 2 International Arrivals lobby (Taxi Stand).
  2. Tell the driver our address, "Higashi-Shinsaibashi 1-18-30".
    • ★The taxi usually costs around 13,000JPY and takes about 60min. Depending on time of day, taxi company, and other factors, it may vary.
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Coming by limosuine bus

  1. Head to the limosuine bus stand outside Terminal 1 International Arrivals lobby or the Terminal 2 Domestic Departures lobby (Limosuine Bus Stand).
  2. Buy a ticket for number 7 from Terminal 1 or number 8 from Terminal 2 heading towards Kintetsu Uehonmachi/Shinsaibashi and ride the bus (Time Schedule)
  3. Get off the bus at Shinsaibashi (In front of Hotel Nikko Osaka) and cross the large street in front of the hotel called "Midosuji street".
  4. Turn left into the shopping street called "Shinsaibashi shopping street" and continue straight.
  5. On your right you will find a street called "Unagi-dani Minami steet" between two drug stores. Turn right onto this street and you will find HOTEL THE FLAG on your right within about 200m.